2018 Honda Accord Review, Specs and Design

Engine and Transmission

2018 Honda Accord – After three decades of consistent brilliance and 20 consecutive years on our 10Best Vehicles list, the Honda Accord is completely new this year. When something you like changes, it’s natural to be a little anxious: Would we miss that trusty V-6? What if Honda nixed our cherished manual transmitting? But we’d no cause for fear. The new Accord is once more the best mid-size family sedan on the marketplace. The model lineup is lighter this year, the coupe version having gone to that Great Showroom in the Sky, and there are three glistening new machines, a trio of satisfying transmissions, and a striking external design to usher in a new period of greatness for this most founded sedan.

The powertrains are new, the automobile has been completely redesigned, the infotainment system is brand new, and there’s a hill of new standard energetic safety technology. Also, the Accord’s two-door version has approved beyond the veil, marking the ultimate transit of the mass-market mid-size coupe. Two turbocharged four-cylinder engines now make up the Accord’s nonhybrid powertrain lineup, upgrading a naturally aspirated four-cylinder and a V-6. A hybrid variant will join the rest of the family on seller lots in early on 2018, rounding out the new “2018 Honda Accord” lineup.

2018 Honda Accord Specs

The lineup starts with a 192-horsepower turbocharged 1.5-liter inline-four, which comes standard with a six-speed manual transmitting but may also be got with a well-calibrated CVT. A 252-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four now rests atop the engine unit pyramid and come with the six-speed manual or a 10-swiftness programmed that shifts with close to seamlessness. Both motors are smooth operators, but the much larger one offers a rush of torque that can easily spin leading auto tires in first items. A crossbreed will be available in early on 2018 with an Atkinson-cycle 2.0-liter four-cylinder and two electric motors.

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The brand new 2.0-liter turbo with the 10-velocity automatic is really quicker to 60 mph than the previous V-6 model with the six-speed automatic, getting there in 5.5 seconds–and models prepared with the manual transmitting aren’t far in back of. Most important, the turbocharged engines don’t have problems with significant turbo lag, and, particularly with the better engine unit, acceleration is even and suffered. And, of course, experiencing a manual transmission in a brand-new family sedan–a slick gearbox at that–never ceases to buoy our expect the future.

2018 Honda Accord Exterior

The Accord’s new exterior is designed to look upscale and sporty, and we’re inclined to say that it achieved those goals. The muscle-car-inspired downturned nose and the large chrome pub that runs across the top of the grille might not exactly be for everybody, but they certainly establish the 2018 Honda Accord apart. And we appreciate the restrained external detailing, which we find more tasteful than some of Honda’s other recent offerings.


The Accord is now somewhat shorter in both duration and height compared with last year’s model, but it offers gained almost half an inch wide. Those small changes are intended to make the Accord’s profile appear sportier, and, combined with the new long, curved hood, it really works. The 2018 Honda Accord is about the same size as its rivals, and all of these mid-size sedans can slide easily through city traffic and into parking places.

2018 Honda Accord Interior

The Accord’s interior is astonishingly spacious, and rear-seat people in particular will be more happy within an Accord than in almost any other mid-size sedan. Honda’s no-options trim structure means that most decisions about accoutrements are created for the drivers, but practically every Accord has good-looking interior furnishings with least some creature conveniences.

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The Accord’s cabin is roomy enough that individuals should be comfortable no matter where they’re sitting. Rear-seat legroom has extended by practically two inches compared with last year’s model, no competitor listed here can come near the spread-out room found in the 2018 Honda Accord. The trunk seat pads are mounted high enough that longer-legged people can rest their legs comfortably.

The list of standard features in the Accord’s bottom LX lean is brief. For Accords powered by the 1.5T engine, drivers will have to opt in to the Sport trim before power-adjustable seating can be found on the menu and choose the EX trim for heated car seats. All 2.0T models, which start at the Sport cut level, are better prepared. The most notable Touring lean is extensively decked out, with heated up and cooled leather front side seats, heated backside car seats, and a head-up screen. Lower trim levels have their own charms, though. Among them: Honda’s attractive and comfortable material chairs and interior cut, far more advanced than the orthopedic-shoe faux leather donned by certain Toyota Camrys.

2018 Honda Accord Prices

Honda does its best to singlehandedly prop up the dreams of the enthusiast driver by offering a six-speed manual transmission with two of the Accord’s machines. We continue steadily to genuinely enjoy working that manual, so we’d choose an Accord Sport, which is the only real trim to own stick change. We prefer the better, Civic Type R-derived turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-four, but if the $31,185 asking price of the activity 2.0T is too wealthy for your bloodstream, the 1.5-liter turbo four in the $26,655 Sport 1.5T model will still offer a great deal in the way of driving entertainment. An programmed transmission–a continuously changing automated (CVT) on the 1.5T and a fresh 10-speed computerized on the 2 2.0T–is a no-cost option in both trims. Standard features on the 2018 Honda Accord┬áSport 2.0T include:

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– 12-way ability driver’s seat
– Blind-spot screen and back cross-traffic alert
– Apple CarPlay and Android os Auto
– 19-in . wheels and tires

Honda’s order sheet for the activity leaves no room for options. Individuals who want more equipment haven’t any choice but to decide on a higher trim, so that’s where the decisions end. Simplicity is bliss.