2018 BMW 2-series Review, Specs and Design

2018 BMW 2-series

In the event that BMW’s floaty 7-series and disconnected 3-series are symptoms of something amiss in the state of Bavaria, then the 2-series is the antidote. This sports coupe is quick, nimble, and engaging the way that some our favorite Bimmers of yore were. Two models, the 248-hp 230i and the 335-hp M240i, span the distance from slightly sportier than average to almost track ready. Both powertrains can be obtained with all-wheel drive and as convertibles, and while the interior is cramped for four, it could be the perfect chariot for a single individual in search of a more exciting commute. Others in the class convey more in the way of active security technology, luxury materials, and connectivity options, but we are going to still happy any time we can get driving of this surprise to BMW’s faithful.

After a thorough overhaul in the form of two new engines in 2017, changes to the 2018 BMW 2-series are minor this year. The in house design has been modified, with new high-gloss dark trim on the middle collection and touches of stainless- brightwork on some buttons. Three new metallic colors are available, and there are four new steering wheel designs, including new standard wheels for the 230i and the M240i. LEo. LED head- and taillamps are now standard, too.

2018 BMW 2-series Specs

Weight loss go wrong with either of the engines in the 2-series. The 230i’s standard powerplant is among the finest turbo charged inline-fours on the market, and the 240i’s turbo six is flat-out thrilling. The 2-series gets added bonus points for offering a manual transmission with both engines in addition to well-coordinated eight-speed automatics.

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After a major overhaul for 2017, the powertrains in the 2018 BMW 2-series are unchanged for 2018, and you won’t catch us stressing. Both engines are still just as punchy and engaging as they were this past year.

The 230i’s 248-hp turbocharged 2. 0-liter inline-four is always on call, reacting quickly to your right foot with little to no turbo lag that make sccelerates with alacrity, and sounds reasonably refined–if not enthralling at all but the top of its rpm range. The computerized transmission on our 230i test car danced with it beautifully, providing smooth, quick shifts and ready kickdowns for transferring. The combo was good for a zero-to-60-mph sprint of 5. 3 seconds. The M240i is another story, and a lightning-quick one: the turbocharged 3. 0-liter inline-six sings a mechanical semblant as it rockets the small coupe to 62 mph in just 4. 3 seconds. That sets it in league with some very fast, top-end machinery with names like Porsche Boxster and Chevrolet Camaro SS.

2018 BMW 2-series Exterior

The compact 2018 BMW 2-series is attractive, easy to move, and unmistakably a BMW thanks to the trademark twin-kidney grille, round headlamps, and the sharpened angle at the bottom of the rear roof pillar–known as the Hofmeister kink.

The 2-series is graced with three new paint colors, all of them metallic. There’s Mediterranean Blue Metallic, Seaside Green Metallic, and Sunset Orange Metallic. Additionally, there are four new wheel designs: two 17-inch choices for the 230i and two 18-inch designs for the M240i.

Shorter in length than the Chevrolet Camaro but otherwise similar in size to its competition, the 2-series is small enough to slide easily into compact parking areas and undersize garages.

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The doors are long, as is typical in coupes, and may present a problem in cramped places. Otherwise, life with the 2-series should be a breeze.

2018 BMW 2-series Interior

The inside of theĀ “2018 BMW 2-series” is where great turns to merely good. The cabin is well designed, with sufficient room for front-seat passengers and comfortable standard front plus. Legroom in the back, nevertheless , is so cramped that adults will have a hard time riding back again there for long. Uncomplicated gauges and a straightforward tool panel speak to this car’s sporty intentions, but some of its interior materials are uninspired for a car in this price range.

BMW made several adjustments to the interior design of the 2-series, but they’ll be challenging to determine with the untrained attention. The gauge cluster has been redesigned, high-gloss dark trim has been added to the center section of the dashboard, and there’s now a moving lid to cover the front-row cupholders when they’re not in use. You’d be forgiven, too, for looking over the tweaks to the center-mounted air vents and the chrome edging that now adorns the window switches.

2018 BMW 2-series Rates

The 2018 BMW 2-series presents all of us with the agony of choice. Both models is best in their own right the 230i is the lower-key, more good-rounded sibling. It’s well performed and less costly, at a starting price of $35, 795, and quick enough to keep most drivers happy. The M240i is the good fishing rod of the family, always ready for action, with eye-popping acceleration just a push of the throttle away, but it starts at $46, 295. A sweet-shifting manual transmission is a no-cost option for both trim levels, and awd can replace rear-wheel drive for $2000 in either model. Prices the 230i a convertible adds $5800, while a droptop M240i is $4600 more than the fixed-roof twin.

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