2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Review, Specs and Design

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia – Alfa Romeo’s triumphant return to North America has not recently been without stumbles, nevertheless the Giulia is absolute proof that the legendary performance brand can deliver the goods. An athletic chassis, crooning turbocharged four-cylinder engine, available adaptive suspension, quick steerage, and tenacious brakes make the Giulia a joy to drive–for novices and professional drivers alike. Within its muscular physique lies a log cabin that may be dressed in either a sporty or stylish motif. To calm the nerves of potential buyers, wish happy to report that Alfa’s initial build-quality issues appear to have recently been resolved. Giulias which have just lately visited our office performed flawlessly without the mechanical or electrical glitches that affected earlier examples. The Giulia is the real deal: a total-package sports car that we’re delighted to have on our 10Best Cars list for 2018.

Following its much-anticipated launch in 2017, the Giulia sees a sort of expansion of its collection for 2018. Last year’s entry-level Giulia and Giulia Ti each spawn additional models based upon last year’s Lusso and Sport option packages to create a five-model collection: Giulia, Giulia Sport, Giulia Ti, Giulia Ti Larghezza, and Giulia Ti Sport. Other changes are small and include a handful of new wheel designs and chromium rings around the door speakers on base and Sport trims. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are actually optional on all Giulia models, front parking detectors are now bundled jointly with blind-spot monitoring and auto-dimming exterior mirrors, and a new Cargo Comfort package ($250) adds grocery-bag hooks, a cargo net, and tie-down hooks inside the Giulia’s trunk. The premium 14-speaker Harman/Kardon audio system is now offered as a $900 option on the Giulia and Giulia Sport.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Specs

The Giulia’s installment payments on your 0-liter turbocharged inline-four makes 280 horsepower, looks intoxicating, and feels gutsy when driven hard. However, somewhat disappointingly, it only powers the Giulia to a mid-pack finish in our acceleration tests. The programmed transmission’s harsh gearchanges in the sportier Variable drive mode are the sole shortcoming. Its turbo charge engine and eight-speed computerized transmission power into 2018 with no changes and thus does the Giulia’s real-world performance. 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia pulls far from stoplights with zeal while singing soaring Italian mines. Our rear-wheel-drive test car’s 5. 7-second zero-to-60-mph amount of time in our testing places it at midpack in this comparison, but none of its rivals sound quite as good. All-wheel-drive models, in theory, should be a bit quicker.

All Giulias come with a drive-mode selectivo with three unique configurations: Dynamic, Natural, and Advanced Efficiency–cleverly making the phrase DNA–each of which changes the car’s transmission, engine management, and steering feel. The transmission works best in the comfort-oriented Natural mode; Advanced Efficiency slows down the transmission’s responses and makes it slower to downshift, and the sportier Dynamic mode results in unnecessarily rough gearchanges.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Exterior

Unique styling has the exact Giulia’s athletic driving nature. Bellissima. Its contoured hood and wind-swept roofline make the Giulia look as if it is advisable to in motion. Dressed for date night or designed for a track day, this Italian has an intensive wardrobe. Andiamo!

Four new wheel designs–two 18″ and two 19-inch styles–make 2018 Giulias distinguishable from their 2017 counterparts. Otherwise, the rest of 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia drop-dead-gorgeous looks carry over unchanged.

Engine and Transmission

From every angle, the Giulia is striking and irresistibly German. Squinting headlamps, a vintage triangular Alfa Romeo grille, a bulging hood, and flowing body lines create a sense of occasion. All Giulia models feature dual exhaust tips, LED exterior lighting elements, and bixenon projector headlamps. A large two-panel sunroof is a $1350 option. There are a number of appearance items to allow for customization, but whether you choose the lusso route or opt for the Sport package, you will be choosing one of the most handsomely created sedans available to recreation area in your garage.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Interior

The decorative interior looks convincingly upscale, save for a few missteps. Encouraging seats and well-laid-out regulates provide a driving position that is comfortable and ideal for enthusiastic driving.

A few interior tweaks are in store for 2018: base Giulia and Giulia Sport models now include chrome rings around the door speakers and a new two-tone, black and ice gray interior theme can be ordered on all but the Ti Lusso trim. A new, light walnut wood trim can be bought as a no-cost option on the Giulia Ti Lusso.

Front-seat occupants will have little to complain about, as a result of “2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia” generous legroom and satisfactory headroom; those in the rear will certainly feel more cramped. Although the Giulia’s backside head- and legroom measurements are competitive using its competition, rear ingress and egress is hindered with a very narrow opening at the end of the door.

The interior of the Giulia features soft-touch plastics, fine leather, and either textured metallic or genuine wood accessories. Cheaper plastics in the center console near to the shifter strike the main one discordant take note. It’s an elegantly styled cabin, with a wide, sweeping dashboard that functions as a visor to shade the integrated infotainment screen from the sun. The seats are comfortable and well bolstered, especially in the optional sport seats. Pack your sunnies, though: The Giulia’s sunlight visors are laughably small , ineffective when driving head on into the sun.

2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia Prices

Our pick of the range continues to be the well-equipped Giulia Ti, which begins at an unchanged $40, 990 for 2018. There was also double upon our suggestion to add the Ti Performance package, up $300 this year to $1500, which adds:

  • Adaptive suspension with driver-selectable three-setting call
  • Gorgeous aluminum shift paddles attached on the steering steering column
  • Mechanical limited-slip differential box

All in, our 2018 Alfa Romeo Giulia bellissima would cost $42, 490 with this recommended package.