2017 Ford Fiesta ST Review, Specs and Design

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The pint-sized 2017 Ford Fiesta ST revs up more smiles per minute when compared to a Hoonigan parking-lot get together. Its sport-tuned suspension system and six-speed-manual-only gearbox can make amateur drivers believe they’ve found a fresh day job. A 197-hp turbocharged inline-four feeds leading tires, and a brake-based torque-vectoring system supports agility. Recaro sport chairs and blacked-out rims are racy enhancements. Stylewise, this spicy hatchback is the right amount of mild versus crazy. Too bad its pedestrian interior suffers from a tight back again seating, econocar materials, and few standard features. Most important, though, the tiny Fiesta ST is very seriously fun to drive, plenty practical, and conveniently affordable. This car feels as though happy hour at the hot-hatch performance party.

First presented as a 2014 model, the Fiesta ST immediately acquired our praise for its playful dynamics. Fortunately, Ford has refrained from fiddling with this solution. All that’s new for 2017 can be an external color, Orange Spice Metallic. While a fresh Fiesta ST has launched in European countries, Ford has not yet announced ideas to bring it to the Claims.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Specs

The Fiesta ST might singlehandedly save the manuals. A six-speed row-your-own gearbox is the sole available transmitting and pairs with a zesty, turbocharged 1.6-liter inline-four.

The miniature mill makes 197 hp and 202 lb-ft of torque. The Honda Civic Si and the Hyundai Elantra Sport have a comparable output, with some more ponies and a bit less torque. That made the difference inside our acceleration tests, where in fact the Fiesta ST was the slowest from zero to 60 mph at 6.9 seconds–still sensibly quick. Fortunately, its easy-shifting six-speed stay matched up our spirited excitement. The light clutch has a short travel and long engagement range that made ripping through the gears effortless. 2017 Ford Fiesta ST exhaust doesn’t growl or howl, but it emits enough noise to warn everyone it’s no ordinary bargain box.

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2017 Ford Fiesta ST Exterior

The Fiesta ST isn’t as brutal looking as the rally-ready Ford Focus RS, but a lower life expectancy ride level and mild external surfaces mods make it more appealing than the humble base models that it comes from. Blacked-out rims and red brake calipers are worthwhile the extra cash for a dash of sportiness. Compared with its much larger compact-class competitors, 2017 Ford Fiesta ST is significantly shorter. The second-shortest Volkswagen Golf GTI is about eight in . longer, and the Subaru WRX is more than 20 inches longer.

Engine and Transmission

Have a standard Fiesta hatchback, add chromium exhaust tips and a distinctive grille and hood, and voil?–it becomes a Fiesta ST. The sporty version is also available with unique metallic coloring colors–Orange Spice and White Platinum–for a supplementary $595. Passive access and push-button start are standard, but an optional electric power sunroof costs $845, and painting the rims dark and the brake calipers red is $375.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Interior

Without the optional Recaro seating and the dispersed ST badging, the inside could be puzzled for the monotonous cabin of the typical Fiesta. The ST’s exceptional value and road-loving personality make that flaw better to excuse, but its limited back-seat legroom and volume of options are harder to forgive.

“2017 Ford Fiesta ST” is several inches wide shorter than its competitors; from the subcompact that has been compared with larger small hatches in this review. The difference in its footprint turns up in the back seat, where rivals have at least four in . of added legroom.

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The mostly clear plastic interior at least were carefully built, with consistent suits. The distance between the drivers, dash, and the reduced shifter was slightly awkward, however, not inconveniently so. The attractive leather-wrapped tyre has aluminum cut and ST badging, although a race-car-inspired flat-bottom design would be cool. The typical ambient lighting with seven customizable colors is a nifty feature in the otherwise drab cabin. Our test car was outfitted with the optional Recaro sport chairs in advance that lock you set up and improve the driver-chassis interconnection. The snug buckets is probably not comfortable for everyone body types, but they’re mighty supportive.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Prices

The Fiesta ST is among the best performance good deals money can purchase. At $22,015, its bottom part price is leaner than all rivals except the Fiat 500 Abarth ($20,990)–which the Ford shamed in a 2014 evaluation test. Even outfitted with every option, the Fiesta ST tops out of them costing only $27,185. For evaluation, a fully packed Volkswagen Golfing GTI will address $38,000, and the Subaru WRX can exceed $40,000. Available accessories for the 2017 Ford Fiesta ST include:

  • Metallic car paint colors–Orange Spice or White Platinum ($595)
  • Black 17-inches wheels and red brake calipers ($375)
  • Heated Recaro chairs ($1995)
  • Navigation ($795)
  • Ability sunroof ($845)

We’d miss the upcharge for the paint, sunroof, and navigation but snatch the others. The dark rims add a nice look, the intensely bolstered Recaro buckets bring extra support (but try them out first; they fit some people, while some find them limited and restrictive), and standard Apple CarPlay and Android Auto replace the need for navigation. Altogether, our Fiesta ST costs $24,385. That same money can’t get you a bare-bones Honda Civic Si ($24,775), a Subaru WRX ($27,855), or a Volkswagen Golf GTI ($26,415). While these automobiles are compacts–a size school above the subcompact Fiesta ST– the little Ford makes a compelling circumstance for itself against the larger, more costly competition because of its fun-loving personality and bargain price.

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